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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.1 is available on Google Play

31 Mar 2016

Two months of work have passed, and today we are pleased to present a new version of PictureJam Collage Maker app!

Let's take a closer look at what has appeared in the new version:

Multiple photos loading

Creating a collage has become much more convenient, because new Gallery module gives you the ability to upload multiple photos at once. Just click on images that you want to add and then hit the "Add" button.

Move, resize, and rotate photos right on the collage editing screen

The updated version of the Beatmup engine runs at high speed. This acceleration gives you the ability to align the photos the way you want without switching to the special alignment mode. In addition, you can now drag and drop photos from one slot to another. Simply hold your finger on a photoslot for a few seconds, and then drag your finger on the other slot.

Adjust frame width and blur photo borders

The new version of the app gives you more options for customizing collage templates. From now on, you can adjust width of collage frames, as well as adding a slight blur at the junction of photos and slot boundaries, thus providing a smooth transition from the photo to the border.

Apply colorful backgrounds to your collages

Your adjusted collage will no longer contain any gaps between the slots, since we introduced the ability to customize the background of collage. Moreover, in addition to painting backgrounds, in the next update we will provide you textured backgrounds!

If you still have not got this wonderful application - you can download it on Google Play!

Get it on Google Play

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