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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.3.1 bugfix for Android

25 Jul 2016

After having passed a line of 15000 downloads, we keep improving our ultimate photo collage making app, and here is next bugfix release 1.3.1.

So, what we get there?

"Keep photos" option added

When creating a new collage, you can check this option so that the photos you have been using in your current collage will be automatically inserted into a new model. This trick simply allows you to switch models while keeping the photos.

Interface responsiveness improved

We fixed few issues with the user interface. A major one is a progress bar that appears when returning back to the app after you have not been using it since a while. It just avoids "freezing" the interface.

Graphical performance and memory management improved

Beatmup image processing engine is evolving as well. In this bugfix release of PictureJam we upgraded Beatmup version. This new version allows for slightly faster rendering on some old and not very powerful devices. We also fixed an issue causing a lack of memory when using a model with a lot of photos.

Default templates upgraded

Several new templates appeared since the previous release. They were available online (after clicking on the gorgeous "Show all" button at the bottom). In this new release we put them directly into the app so that you can use them offline too.

With all that a number of minor issues have been fixed, so that PictureJam has become yet a little bit faster, stabler and cooler. ;)

With all that, if you still not upgraded until 1.3.1 or not yet tried PictureJam Collage Maker — shame on you get it on Google Play right now! It is always for free.

Get it on Google Play
By the way, if you are tired of ads, you can get an ad-free version with mostly all the collage templates available offline by a price of a coffee cup! Check it there:
Get it on Google Play

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