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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.3.2 bugfix and NEW TEMPLATES

22 Aug 2016

We care.

We were always attentive to the feedback and bug reports from you, our valuable users. The numbers say that our PictureJam Collage Maker has become almost 100% reliable.

That's why bugfix releases are important. Last few days we were releasing version 1.3.2, aimed at fixing last few issues that we discovered recently thanks to your bug reports. Don't wait, update now if not yet.

Reliability is not the only thing we are constantly working on. We also aim at providing you with new collage templates that you will like. This week we released two new ultimate template packs: Artistic and Romantic, and added new models for 20 and 25 photos in Colourful pack. The one for 20 photos is pictured below.

So check it out now! (Hit "Show all" button right in the bottom of the template selection screen.)

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