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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.4, now with Google Photos

13 Sep 2016

Loving it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Loving this app even more than before. Accessibility to Google Photos and Google Drive is a humongous plus for me. Thank you for listening to your customers and keep up the wonderful work.

Dear Grethel,

Thank you for your review! We really appreciate the feedback we get from our users and indeed, we care about their impression, needs and suggestions, and do our best to follow them!

That's why in version 1.4 that we were releasing these days we finally implemented the option of loading pictures from other apps installed on your device, including Google Photos and Google Drive. To use this feature, just tap on the collage where you want to insert a photo, and select "Another app". Then you choose an app from where you want to load the new picture; it could be your favorite file manager, gallery, Google Photos, Google Drive or any other app you have installed.

Moreover, we further re-engineered the picture loading pipeline of PictureJam. We always aimed at providing our users with HD image quality, which is not an easy task if you want to make a collage of a lot of photos, like those based on our templates with 25 slots for pictures. Now PictureJam have got a more intelligent compression algorithm, allowing for a yet improved quality for models with few photos, while keeping the same quality level for big collages.

Then, we also reworked the way how your current collage is stored. Now, even if you accidentally stop the app by sliding it out, you will not lose the work you have done with your collage. Even if PictureJam crashes, your collage will then be restored. By the way, we now get much less complains from our users about crashing, which is the best indicator of that we keep constantly improving PictureJam. No app is immune to crashing, but differently to many others, we always remain attentive to the reports of our users about the behavior of our app. A number of issues was fixed in version 1.4.

Finally, we added some local improvements to the user interface, making it more responsive and friendly, so that the app does not freeze when doing some complex processing. As usual, we also made available newly appeared models in offline mode, especially in PictureJam Plus version that contains many more collage models available offline.

By the way, check our new collage templates. Recently we added several cool single photo frames in Valentine and Artistic template packs, and also introduced a vintage Photographer pack and refined few other models designed before.

We hope you enjoy the new release, and we'll keep improving our app and designing new cool collage templates. Thank you!

P.S.: No cheating, this is a real user review of PictureJam Plus that we got the next day after releasing 1.4. This user contacted us some time ago asking about the support of Google Photos as a source of images.

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