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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.3 for Android

08 Jul 2016

Pichancer Team is proud to present:

PictureJam Collage Maker, version 1.3!

Color adjustments, textured frames and even more!

Brightness, saturation and hue adjustment

Release your creativity and add some fancy styling to your collage by adjusting saturation, brightness and hue of your collage. By the way, thanks to our Beatmup Engine those effects are applied in real time. Not bad, huh?

Textured frames

Colored frames are boring. Boring! So that is why we're presenting you textured frames: some fragrant coffee mood for Starbucks fans, grass, berries and water to those who are close to nature, and you can discover others yourself, it is totally worth it!

Automatic photo alignment

Now it is possible not only to align photos in slots manually, but also to set the optimal photo alignment by hitting the "reset" button on the Alignment screen. Simple, but useful!

And, last, but not least: Bugfixes

Often, application is not that flawless as the developer imagined, but we keep on making our app better and better. Thanks to feedback by our users, we're capable of finding and fixing new issues faster than if we were doing it on our own. Thank you!

So, don't hesitate, get the new version of our wonderful application on Google Play right now!

Get it on Google Play

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