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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.4, now with Google Photos

13 Sep 2016

Loving it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Loving this app even more than before. Accessibility to Google Photos and Google Drive is a humongous plus for me. Thank you for listening to your customers and keep up the wonderful work.

Dear Grethel,

Thank you for your review! We really appreciate the feedback we get from our users and indeed, we care about their impression, needs and suggestions, and do our best to follow them!

That's why in version 1.4 that we were releasing these days we finally implemented the option of loading pictures from other apps installed on your device, including Google Photos and Google Drive. To use this feature, just tap on the collage where you want to insert a photo, and select "Another app". Then you choose an app from where you want to load the new picture; it could be your favorite file manager, gallery, Google Photos, Google Drive or any other app you have installed.

Moreover, we further re-engineered the picture loading pipeline of PictureJam. We always aimed at providing our users with HD image quality, which is not an easy task if you want to make a collage of a lot of photos, like those based on our templates with 25 slots for pictures. Now PictureJam have got a more intelligent compression algorithm, allowing for a yet improved quality for models with few photos, while keeping the same quality level for big collages.

Then, we also reworked the way how your current collage is stored. Now, even if you accidentally stop the app by sliding it out, you will not lose the work you have done with your collage. Even if PictureJam crashes, your collage will then be restored. By the way, we now get much less complains from our users about crashing, which is the best indicator of that we keep constantly improving PictureJam. No app is immune to crashing, but differently to many others, we always remain attentive to the reports of our users about the behavior of our app. A number of issues was fixed in version 1.4.

Finally, we added some local improvements to the user interface, making it more responsive and friendly, so that the app does not freeze when doing some complex processing. As usual, we also made available newly appeared models in offline mode, especially in PictureJam Plus version that contains many more collage models available offline.

By the way, check our new collage templates. Recently we added several cool single photo frames in Valentine and Artistic template packs, and also introduced a vintage Photographer pack and refined few other models designed before.

We hope you enjoy the new release, and we'll keep improving our app and designing new cool collage templates. Thank you!

P.S.: No cheating, this is a real user review of PictureJam Plus that we got the next day after releasing 1.4. This user contacted us some time ago asking about the support of Google Photos as a source of images.

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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.3.2 bugfix and NEW TEMPLATES

22 Aug 2016

We care.

We were always attentive to the feedback and bug reports from you, our valuable users. The numbers say that our PictureJam Collage Maker has become almost 100% reliable.

That's why bugfix releases are important. Last few days we were releasing version 1.3.2, aimed at fixing last few issues that we discovered recently thanks to your bug reports. Don't wait, update now if not yet.

Reliability is not the only thing we are constantly working on. We also aim at providing you with new collage templates that you will like. This week we released two new ultimate template packs: Artistic and Romantic, and added new models for 20 and 25 photos in Colourful pack. The one for 20 photos is pictured below.

So check it out now! (Hit "Show all" button right in the bottom of the template selection screen.)

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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.3.1 bugfix for Android

25 Jul 2016

After having passed a line of 15000 downloads, we keep improving our ultimate photo collage making app, and here is next bugfix release 1.3.1.

So, what we get there?

"Keep photos" option added

When creating a new collage, you can check this option so that the photos you have been using in your current collage will be automatically inserted into a new model. This trick simply allows you to switch models while keeping the photos.

Interface responsiveness improved

We fixed few issues with the user interface. A major one is a progress bar that appears when returning back to the app after you have not been using it since a while. It just avoids "freezing" the interface.

Graphical performance and memory management improved

Beatmup image processing engine is evolving as well. In this bugfix release of PictureJam we upgraded Beatmup version. This new version allows for slightly faster rendering on some old and not very powerful devices. We also fixed an issue causing a lack of memory when using a model with a lot of photos.

Default templates upgraded

Several new templates appeared since the previous release. They were available online (after clicking on the gorgeous "Show all" button at the bottom). In this new release we put them directly into the app so that you can use them offline too.

With all that a number of minor issues have been fixed, so that PictureJam has become yet a little bit faster, stabler and cooler. ;)

With all that, if you still not upgraded until 1.3.1 or not yet tried PictureJam Collage Maker — shame on you get it on Google Play right now! It is always for free.

Get it on Google Play
By the way, if you are tired of ads, you can get an ad-free version with mostly all the collage templates available offline by a price of a coffee cup! Check it there:
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What you can do with PictureJam

17 Jul 2016

Hey there!

These days our PictureJam collage maker is going through hard times, for different but mostly administrative reasons. In spite of this, we are quite proud of what we have done so far and we hope to keep it going.

Here are some cool photo collages just to illustrate what we can do with the latest (at this moment) version of PictureJam for Android. So we just picked up some fancy photos and inserted them into collages using PictureJam 1.3. The images you see here are just exported collages without any postprocessing or tricking or whatever. Click on them to see in large!

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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.3 for Android

08 Jul 2016

Pichancer Team is proud to present:

PictureJam Collage Maker, version 1.3!

Color adjustments, textured frames and even more!

Brightness, saturation and hue adjustment

Release your creativity and add some fancy styling to your collage by adjusting saturation, brightness and hue of your collage. By the way, thanks to our Beatmup Engine those effects are applied in real time. Not bad, huh?

Textured frames

Colored frames are boring. Boring! So that is why we're presenting you textured frames: some fragrant coffee mood for Starbucks fans, grass, berries and water to those who are close to nature, and you can discover others yourself, it is totally worth it!

Automatic photo alignment

Now it is possible not only to align photos in slots manually, but also to set the optimal photo alignment by hitting the "reset" button on the Alignment screen. Simple, but useful!

And, last, but not least: Bugfixes

Often, application is not that flawless as the developer imagined, but we keep on making our app better and better. Thanks to feedback by our users, we're capable of finding and fixing new issues faster than if we were doing it on our own. Thank you!

So, don't hesitate, get the new version of our wonderful application on Google Play right now!

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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.2.1 bugfix for Android

18 Jun 2016

It's smoking hot!

First of all, we've reached 10.000 downloads last week. We would like to thank our users for achieving this number, but at the same time, the best is yet to come! Everyday we are getting useful feedback and reviews, which help us to improve our application. Let's check out the latest update of PictureJam Collage Maker together.

Saving reworked

We have decided to simplify the process of exporting collages, so now you can find the Save button directly on the Export panel, next to social networks buttons. Floppy drives have died, but only to become the symbol of saving!


We are trying to keep our application as stable as possible, so in the latest update we've succeeded to fix some of annoying bugs and crashes. Thank you for your reports, you help us to make a better app.

Installing on SD Card

If you prefer keeping your device's built-in memory clean - starting from the version 1.2.1 you can install our PictureJam application to the SD card. Simply choose "Install to SD Card" option when installing our application.

Gallery localization

Last, but not least, we've updated the Gallery plugin, which now supports multiple languages: English, French, German and Russian. We would like to thank everyone who contributed in this translation. Don't hesitate to write in comments about which language should appear next.

Have a nice weekend, and thank you for being with us!

P.S. If you haven't yet downloaded our PictureJam Collage maker, do it now! Tap on this link to go to Google Play and download it to your Android device.

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Welcoming PictureJam 1.2 for Android

19 May 2016

It is going on!

Since the last update of our PictureJam Collage Maker we have reached 5000+ downloads and got pretty consistent feedback from our valuable users, motivating us to innovate and further perfection our awesome collagemaker. So today we have a particular pleasure to broadcast from our bloggy blog that we release PictureJam 1.2.

THE feature of this release is in-frame shot or inline camera filming mode. What's that? You simply tap on a photo slot, and PictureJam displays the camera preview directly into the collage you are working on. More fun! But not only:

What else do we have in 1.2? Together with this main feature, in the new version we fixed a considerable number of issues, that were reported by our users from previous releases. We also revised the app user interface. Hope to get your fivestars and comments soon!

Don't wait, go for it right now, if you still don't have our collagemaking tank installed on your Android. IT IS ALWAYS FOR FREE. If you already have a previous version installed, just update it using the same link (if your device has not done it yet automatically).

Get it on Google Play


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PictureJam Collage Maker 1.1 is available on Google Play

31 Mar 2016

Two months of work have passed, and today we are pleased to present a new version of PictureJam Collage Maker app!

Let's take a closer look at what has appeared in the new version:

Multiple photos loading

Creating a collage has become much more convenient, because new Gallery module gives you the ability to upload multiple photos at once. Just click on images that you want to add and then hit the "Add" button.

Move, resize, and rotate photos right on the collage editing screen

The updated version of the Beatmup engine runs at high speed. This acceleration gives you the ability to align the photos the way you want without switching to the special alignment mode. In addition, you can now drag and drop photos from one slot to another. Simply hold your finger on a photoslot for a few seconds, and then drag your finger on the other slot.

Adjust frame width and blur photo borders

The new version of the app gives you more options for customizing collage templates. From now on, you can adjust width of collage frames, as well as adding a slight blur at the junction of photos and slot boundaries, thus providing a smooth transition from the photo to the border.

Apply colorful backgrounds to your collages

Your adjusted collage will no longer contain any gaps between the slots, since we introduced the ability to customize the background of collage. Moreover, in addition to painting backgrounds, in the next update we will provide you textured backgrounds!

If you still have not got this wonderful application - you can download it on Google Play!

Get it on Google Play

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PictureJam Collage Maker bugfix release available

31 Jan 2016

This week we got pretty significant and useful feedback from our dear users on our new PictureJam Collage Maker app. So today we release our first bugfix!

What is new in the update of PictureJam Collage Maker?

Fixed crashes on image importing

Since the introduction of Android 5.0 (Lollipop), the process of image importing has been changed. We had some problems with that, but from now on you can create collages not only with photos on your device, but with images stored in your Google Photo account as well!

Fixed Feedback form issues

The Feedback form is now fully functional! If you have some propositions on improving PictureJam Collage Maker application or if you're having any problems with it - you can always contact us using the feedback form available on the application's main screen.

Online version of templates page is now loading more efficiently

We've got rid of lags and glitches on switching to the online version of the template selection page. If you haven't seen it yet - give it a try! You can find lots of cool collage templates there, just click on "Show All" button on the bottom of the template selection page.

Interface improved

You have some cool pictures, and you want to combine them together? You can easily choose the model for exact number of photos by filtering models with a special panel at the top of the templates page.

Dialog on loading new collage template

You've accidentally pressed the new collage selection button and are afraid of losing the progress? Do not worry anymore! Your old collage will not be deleted until you confirm this in a special dialogue.

Have a nice week, and thank you for being with us!

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PictureJam Collage Maker for Anrdoid 1.0 released

29 Jan 2016

The day came, finally.

After intensively loaded six months we are announcing PictureJam Collage Maker, an ultimate android collage making app.

Containing collage models conceived by the most pretentious designers of the world, and having inside our powerful Beatmup image processing engine, this cool app will not you leave cold.

Get it on Google Play

Additionally, you can get an ad-free version of the app with almost all collage templates available offline immediately (no Internet connection required).


We thank, of course, our dear distributor Movavi for helping us to bring PictureJam to live.

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Hey there!

25 Jan 2016

This is just a hello-world post to welcome you on the official web page of Pichancer team.

Our deal is mobile image processing applications. Here is our bloggy blog, we are going to post some news about what we are working on, in case if somebody cares.

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